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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October Newsletter

Battle of the Books
Transportation arrangements will need to be made for students who participate.
Tuesday  3:15 – 4:00   Central
Thursday 3:15 – 4:00  Southside
Family Book Night
November 7 is our third Family Book Night for this school year. We will be hosting it at the Southside library at 5:30. This month’s book will be Thank You Sarah by Laurie Halse Anderson.
Please join us with your children for an hour of fun as we enjoy the story behind celebrating Thanksgiving and how it became a holiday.
Remember there will not be a Family Book Night during the month of December.

November 7         Southside
January 9            Central
February 6                    Southside
March 5               Central
April 2                 Southside
May 7                  Central

Upcoming Events

Nov. 4, 2011              SLI Early Release
Nov. 6, 2011              Daylight Savings ends
Nov. 10, 2011             District Inservice, NO SCHOOL
Nov. 11, 2011             District Inservice, NO SCHOOL
Nov. 23 - 25, 2011      Thanksgiving Holiday
Word Count Updates
5th      4,459,876
6th      5,297,458
School total so far: 9,757,334
3rd      4,808,365
4th      5,118,911
School total so far: 9,927,267
Central Read-a-Thon October 31, 2011
Students in all classes at Southside and Central took time to sit down and read. The purpose was to encourage a long stretch of reading to increase the students’ reading stamina. Ms. Lark’s class took advantage of the beautiful weather to read outside.
Turkey Dinner at School
A turkey dinner will be served in the school cafeterias on November 17th. You are welcome to join your child in eating this meal together. The cost of the meal is:
Adults - $5.00
Children - $3.00
All students will receive this meal according to their meal designation, so if your child receives a free/reduced meal, the same is true for the turkey dinner. If you would like to bring a non-enrolled child to join you, then the $3.00 charge will be assessed.
Types of Libraries to work in as a librarian:
Academic Library – this is usually a library on a university or college campus and serves the students and faculty of that institution. Some universities and colleges have more than one library on campus. The average academic librarian salary is $46,000.

Public Library – this is a library open to all who live within a city or town. The city government supports this library with funds for books, salaries and expenses. Anyone can use this library to read books, check out movies and use the Internet. The average salary for a public librarian is $47,000.

School Library – this is a library for schools that serve students from PreK – 12. They are in both public and private schools and are part of the school system. The average school librarian salary  is $40,000.

Special Library – this libarary is found in specialized areas such as museums, corporations, hopitals, military bases, private business and the government.  These libraries are open only to people working in these places.

The average salary for a specialty librarian is $52,000 All information is according to :

Social Skills

We are focusing on learning social skills to help us interact respectfully and courteously with each other. We are providing you with the steps we use in school, so you can use these skills at home with your children.

Getting Permission

When you need to get permission from someone, you should:
1.      Look at the other person.
2.      Be specific when you ask permission. The other person should know exactly what you are requesting.
3.      Be sure to ask rather than demand. “May I please…?”
4.      Give reasons if necessary.
5.      Accept the decision. 
  Attendance Policy Reminders

At this time of the year many students have been absent from school for a variety of reasons. Some confusion still lingers regarding the attendance policy we are following in the district. Please take a moment to read through these reminders.

A note signed by the parent/guardian must be in the school office within 48 hours of the first day of absence. If you child is sick with a virus and is absent on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday a note must be in the office by the end of business on Thursday in order for Tuesday to excused. If the note states the days the child will be out and is turned in on time, then it will be sufficient for that absence.

For award purposes only, 3 tardies will prevent a student from receiving a perfect attendance award for the 3rd and 4th nine weeks.

Parents and guardians only may sign out students from school. For a grandparent, aunt/uncle, sibling or other family member to sign out a student, a signed letter from the parent must be presented to the office giving permission to that person. We want to make sure we are keeping our students safe.