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Thursday, September 29, 2011

September Newsletter

Battle of the Books

We are ready to start working on Battle of the Books with students. All students are invited and encouraged to participate in Battle of the Books. There will be practice once a week at each school starting on October 18. For all students coming to Battle of the Books practice transportation arrangements will need to be made.
Tuesday  3:15 – 4:00   Central
Thursday 3:15 – 4:00  Southside

Upcoming Events

Oct. 7, 2011      District In-service, NO SCHOOL
Oct. 21, 2011     Parent Teacher Conferences,
                         No school for students
Oct. 31, 2011     Read-a-Thon

Family Book Night

October 3 was our second Family Book Night for this school year. We had an amazing turnout again with standing room only in the Central library. We read the book Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin.

Family Book Night for the November book will be on November 7 in the Southside Library. Please join us as we read another terrific book together and engage in a fun activity with parents and students.


August 29            Southside
October 3             Central
November 7         Southside
January 9            Central
February 6                    Southside
March 5               Central
April 2                 Southside
May 7                  Central

Reader of the Week

Southside and Central Elementary Schools are continuing to track the number of words each student is reading and combining their words to create the schools’ totals. At both schools we already have some students who have read at least 100,000 words. At this point in time we have one student who has read 1,000,000 words! KEEP READING!

5th      3,263,346
6th      3,800,797
School total so far: 7,083,927

3rd      3,482,057
4th      3,430,044
School total so far: 6,865,480

Book Fair at Southside Library

It is once again time for the Book Fair at Southside. Mrs. Salinas will set up the displays of books in the library for you to browse for books for your children. Students can purchase books at any time during the week of the fair while in school. Parents we encourage you to come by and browse with your child, and buy!

The Book Fair runs for a week from October 17 through October 26. Mrs. Salinas will be hosting a Book Fair Night on October 18th from 5 – 8pm when the library will be open to the public to view the books. Please come by and see the many wonderful texts that are available for our students.

Bullying Issues

The following are more tips on bullying. Please take a moment to read through them and discuss them with your child.

5. Encourage your child to seek help and to report bullying incidents to someone s/he feels safe with at the school:

  • Adult in charge of a specific activity or area (such as the playground, lunchroom, field trips, bus lines, gym, classroom)
  • Teacher
  • Counselor
  • Principal

6. Use school personnel and other parents as resources in finding positive ways to encourage respectful behaviors at school.

  • Volunteer time to help supervise on field trips, on the playground, or in the lunchroom.
  • Become an advocate for school-wide bullying prevention programs and policies.

7. Encourage your child to continue to talk with you about all bullying incidents.

  • Do not ignore your child's report.
  • Do not advise your child to physically fight back. (Bullying lasts longer and becomes more severe when children fight back. Physical injuries often result.)
  • Do not confront the child who bullies.
  • Do not confront the family of the child who bullies.
Taken from:

Film Industry Careers
Producers and Directors

A producer can do many different things: write, invest, come up with ideas, and manage things. The executive producer is responsible for every part of the movie from beginning to end. Directors are the boss of a film. They make the movie the way they want it to be and so they have a say in who is hired to work on a movie. They decide on everything involved with how the movie will look and sound. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lumps producers and directors together, so the average annual salary of film directors in 2006 was $92,920.


Screenwriters write the movie. They decide what the actors say and do, where it takes place and what happens in the movie. Sometimes they work on the script by themselves or they work with other screenwriters. BLS statistics for 2006 put the average salary of a film screenwriter at $95,250, higher than both directors and producers.

Film and Video Editors

Editors make the film. Most people don’t know who they are or what they do, but without them there would be no movies. They take the many hours of filming and cut out most of it to leave just the best for us to watch on the screen. They work very closely with the director to make sure the finished product is exactly what the director wanted.

According to BLS, the average annual salary for a film editor is $68,980.

BLS statistics taken from:

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